Sonyia Byrd, Attorney at Law
Get Money You Deserve

Attorney, Sonyia Byrd can help you get the money you deserve 

Attorney, Sonyia Byrd can help you get the money you deserve in an injury settlement for your personal injury. 


Do I have a case?

Have you or someone you love been injured in a car accident, suffered a dog bite or a slip and fall injury?  Maybe you have you been harmed by a product, or harmed in some other way by someone else’s negligence?   You may be entitled to financial compensation. Attorney, Sonyia Byrd can help you get the money you deserve in an injury settlement for your personal injury.  This includes assistance with recovering losses like time off from work, property damage, and even pain and suffering.

Have an Injury? Here’s What You Need to Know:

If you think that another party may be responsible for your injury, consider speaking with Attorney Byrd and her experienced staff. We can help you determine whether or not you should pursue your personal injury claim and exactly how to “Get The Money You Deserve.”

Want the Money You Deserve? All You Need to Do:

The first step in the process is to start with a free case evaluation.  Attorney, Sonyia Byrd, and her staff will work with you to discover the strength or weakness of your case and what opportunity you have to get the money you deserve.  They will make certain that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision.  They will gather that information before you take any action that might affect your case, like talking to an insurance company

To make a determination on how to proceed, you and attorney byrd will have to answer some basic questions. You can only pursue a personal injury claim if:

  1. You and our personal injury attorneys identify a third party who is responsible for your injury; and

  2. Your personal injury attorney believes he/she can prove that the third party was responsible.

Sometimes more than one party is liable. In that case:

  • Your personal injury attorney may need to include multiple defendants in your claim, or even for instance, where workers’ compensation benefits are involved, file two or more separate claims; or

  • If you are one of the parties responsible, you may be barred from recovery, or your recovery may be reduced proportionate to your own fault. The law differs from state to state, but our personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you which applies.

Attorney Sonyia Byrd and her experienced staff of adjusters in Dallas / Fort Worth are able to tell you what applies in your case.  If medical bills from an injury are piling up, you may have options. You can schedule a free consultation to find out what can be done with your case. When you talk to their personal injury and staff lawyer you will find out how they will work hard to help you get the money you deserve.